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  • "Kay's gorgeous jewelry contains all handmade glass beads and only the finest materials, using highly skilled, artistic and creative techniques. Every piece is a work of art!"
    Laura Zoellner
  • "I love your hand torched flower beads with CZ's embedded in the glass, I have not seen this before...posted on FB...beautiful!"
    Sue Hinson
  • "Kay has beautiful and unique custom jewelry, I highly recommend you check it out!"
    Florence M.
  • "Kay G Designs are very high quality. Love the way colors and designs are placed together."
    Deborah Benedict
  • We were recently married but were waiting for the 'right' rings to come along. We were browsing in The Green Circle Art Gallery when Tom noticed a series of bracelets and looked down and saw the two rings we were looking for!
    Anne and John
  • Kay is a top notch artist! She has amazing attention to detail. I still can’t believe SHE MAKES HER OWN GLASS BEADS -she doesn’t buy them from a 3rd party - she blows them herself! This is truly an art. Totally recommend!
    Sarah Hansel
Kay G Designs at The Green Circle Art Gallery

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