Home Decor / Parties

Home Decor / Parties

  • Party Table (Cheese Knives, Sugar Bowls)
  • 3D Stained Glass Art
  • Borosilicate Glass Sculptures
  • *Upscale Belt Buckles

These glass items are Hand-made by the artist, Kay Gasner in her workshop.  The Cheese Knives , Sugar Bowls are stainless steel and are purchased; the glass beads are hand-torched by Kay.

The 3D Stained Glass Art are medium to large wall art which is backed by 3/4" plywood,100% painted prior to the glass being cut and applied.

The Borosilcate Glass Sculptures are hand formed in the flame and annealed overnight in a glass kiln.

*Going to or Having a Party or a Special Event? The upscale belt buckles are unique, limited, and one-of-a-kind statement buckles. Typically consist of Rhinestones, ball chain, and other artistic items.