Glass Bead Charms

Each glass bead charm is handmade, handtorched by artist, Kay Gasner, on Florida's East Coast.  For each day's torching session soft glass rods are selected along with other materials such as fine sterling silver, sterling silver foil sheet, wire or mesh; goldstone, frit, cubic zirconias, etc.  The digital kiln is fired up along with the dual-fuel bench torch and bench ventilator system.  Then the real creativity begins with each individual bead being shaped and formed: the soft glass is made molten and wrapped around a stainless steel mandrel (which has been coated with bead release).  I usually have ideas and designs in mind for each session: bubble beads (air trapped in the glass), cubic zirconias embedded in flowers or just floating in the clear glass, silver dots, designs with lots of dots, possibilites are many.

The next morning I open the kiln wondering what beauties are inside; clean the bead release away, and then core the beads with sterling silver handmade bead caps and sterling silver tubing.  Then take photos and upload to this website for other people to see what is availabel to create their own custom designed european-style glas charm bead bracelet.  (Or redesign a bracelet they already have as the glass bead charms are removable and changeable very easily.)