Butterflies, Bees, 'n CZs Glass Charm Bead Bracelet

Hand-torched glass beads, lined with .925 sterling silver tubing and/or bead caps (sterling silver sheet). Moretti/CiM soft glass rod colors: black, transparent turquoise, green, transparent green, white. 3mm cubic zirconia embedded under the glass for extra sparkle!

Tierra Cast silver-plated charms (butterflies, honey bees).

7.5" 3mm snake chain bracelet, fits like 6 1/2" with removable end cap so that you can add / change beads and charms (european style bracelet).

Process: glass rods are melted and wound around a stainless steel mandrel and immediately placed in a digital kiln to anneal overnight. The glass beads are hand cored/lined with .925 sterling silver tubing, the bead caps are hand cut, filed and stamped with Kay G and .925 using hand stamps. The glass bead charm sizes vary from 9.8mm to 19.7mm. Please see photo with the nickel to compare size.

This is a limited, unique work of wearable art sure to delight those who wear and see it.

  • $135.00