'Blue Bubbles' Glass Bead Charms

'Dark Lapis & Transparent Blue Bubbles' are hand-torched glass beads, lined with .925 sterling silver tubing and/or bead caps (sterling silver sheet hand stamped with Kay G, USA). Sold/priced individually as one bead. Due to the nature of hand-torched glass beads each bead is unique and different, yours may not be identical to the photo, but very similar. 

Moretti/CiM soft glass rod colors are melted, formed, shaped and manipulated to add lines, dots, swirls within the glass; using additional materials such as: fine silver wire, silver foil, gold foil, goldstone, frit, wire mesh, dichroic glass, 3mm cubic zirconia embedded under the glass for extra sparkle!  (Sold as individual glass bead charms)

Process: glass rods are melted and wound around a stainless steel mandrel, shaped and decorated, then immediately placed in a digital kiln to anneal overnight. The glass beads are hand cored/lined with .925 sterling silver tubing, the bead caps are hand cut, filed and stamped with Kay G, USA, and .925 using hand stamps. The glass bead charm sizes vary from 9.8mm to 19.7mm.

You can purchase a 3mm sterling silver 7.5" snake chain bracelet (with removable end cap) and create/design your own custom designed bracelet designed by 'you' from this website. Note: a 7.5" fits like 6 1/2" so that you can add / change beads and charms (european style bracelet). (8" and 8.5" snake chain bracelets can be custom ordered-when measuring your wrist please allow 1" extra length as the glass bead charms add inner space).

Each individual glass bead charm is handmade by artist, Kay Gasner, East Coast Florida.  You can expect slight variations in each bead due to the unique handcraftsmanship; these slight variations convey distinction, character, uniqueness and charm.

This is a limited, unique work of wearable art sure to delight those who wear and see it.

  • $18.00