'Safari' Glass Bead Charms

'Safari' glass bead charms are handmade using soft glass colors Sangria with .999 fine silver wire was melted to the molten glass and then encased with molten transparent glass (as evidenced by the silver 'dots'.  This listing has a variety of beads shown which are sold individually.  Please select the correct variant below that you wish to put in your cart.  

.925 Sterling Silver Bead Caps and cored tubing.  The caps are hand milled and hand stamped with Kay G & .925; hand-torched glass bead by artist, Kay Gasner (on Florida's East Coast)

The beads measure ~ from 15.6mm-16.3mm width; 10.5mm-13mm tall. The hole will fit on any 3mm bracelet/chain.

  • $18.00