Design Your Unique Charming Glass Bead Bracelet

This .925 sterling silver 3mm unseamed snake chain bracelet with threaded end cap and silicone stopper beads is a great choice for your custom European-style charm bracelets.  The easy-on/easy-off threaded end cap allows you to customize your design again and again by adding or removing your large-hole glass bead charms quickly and easily thereby changing your look to match or compliment your wardrobe for the day or evening. 

THIS BRACELET IS 7.5"; FITS LIKE 6.5". The standard size that we carry is 7.5" length.  You can custom order an 8" or 8.5" length.  Please note that the 7.5" length actually fits a 6.25-6.5" wrist as the glass bead charms take up to about an inch when you add the glass bead charms (the beads and charms added will reduce the inside diameter of the finished piece, therefore, a large number of beads will affect how the bracelet fits).

Use care to properly secure the threaded end cap, and check its tightness regularly to help prevent its loss. Lobster clasp, made in USA.

  • $45.00