Glitter Flittery Dragonfly 3D Stained Glass Mosaic

This 3D stained glass mosaic dragonfly is made from van gogh stained glass (gold, dark blue/teal, purple) large glass pieces, crystal decorations to add more sparkle.  This art piece should not be hung outdoors.

Measures:  ~23" wide X 18" tall. The base is 1/2" plywood, all sides sealed with paint.  The design is hand drawn on the wood then each design piece of stained glass is sketched on a select piece of stained glass, then hand cut before applying it to the wood base.

Contact the artist and writer, Kay Gasner, for further information or to purchase this 3D large format stained glass art work (measures 22'"X 30"). Art work is copyrighted by the artist. 

  • $390.00