Jake, the Fiery Dragon-3D Stained Glass-Custom Order-handmade by artist, Kay Gasner

3D Stained Glass Dragon makes a beautiful statement with red and blue flames.  This impressive work of art is made from iridescent stained glass with an orange face, brown wings, iridescent green, red, blue, dark purple, dark muted reddish brown tongue.

The inspiration for this dragon began with the writing and sketching for my fantasy book, RosalieVille, expected to be published in 2021; and my nephew Jake, who was 3 years old at the time I asked him what kind of dragon should I create? He replied "red and blue flames so the dragon can freeze and burn at the same time." Therefore, rightly so, this dragon is titled "Jake" for my awesome nephew Jake as he inspired the red and blue flames. This dragon has a cat's eye which is clear, backed by a select piece of yellow stained glass which makes his eye 'pop'.  Fangs are made from stained glass; his flaring nostrils are two oval shaped Swarovski crystals in iridescent beige color,

Size: ~21" width, 29.5" tall, 3/4" thick. The base is 1/2" plywood, all sides sealed with paint.  The design is hand drawn on the wood then each design piece of stained glass is sketched on a select piece of stained glass, then hand cut before applying it to the wood base. Due to the size and complex nature of this stained glass mosaic piece, please allow up to 4 months for fabrication.  Given the high cost of materials, 50% deposit ($750) is required up front. Due to the amount of work required to complete this item, it is not returnable. 

This 3D stained glass art is more durable than a stained glass panel due to the rigidity of the wood backer, and heavier weight.

This sketch was modified based on author Jillian Sawyer's of Dragon Wings and Faerie things.

  • $1,500.00