Patchwork: SEAHORSE-Sterling Silver Prismacolor Pendant (Handmade)

Beautiful Sterling Silver and Prismacolor Seahorse Pendant in an ocean-color scheme. A limited, one-of-a-kind artisan statement pendant. Made from .925 Sterling Silver sheet; Prismacolor wax pencils on copper sheet which has a patina applied, followed by color, paint, resin, and riveted to a specially created .925 Sterling Silver design to form the pendant. There are approximately 30-35 steps in creating this one-of-a-kind artisan Sterling Silver pendant. Artisan handmade Sterling Silver, Copper, patina, resin, paint, green-eyed seahorse pendant. Hand cast, hand forged, multi-colored seahorse pendant in purple, green, teal, silver ocean colored theme. Hand drawn, free form design made by artist, Kay Gasner; made in USA. Measures ~1 1/2″ wide X 3″ tall. Ships with a black-colored stainless steel multi-strand neckpiece with a lobster clasp; 18″ long. This is an artistic statement pendant sure to gain notice whenever you wear it. A really artsy, fun accessory for the bold, unique individual who loves the sea, among other beautiful things.
  • $215.00