Permanent Jewelry with a Focus on Quality and Affordability

<> What is permanent jewelry? Jewelry without a clasp that is custom fit and welded on your arm, ankle, neck.  This process is quick, painless and fun!

<> Why? (1) To celebrate accomplishments you are proud of. (2) To Help with Your New Year’s Resolutions by picking out a chain and having it welded (zapped) to your arm as a reminder to keep your resolutions so you will be successful;-) (3) An easy way to start and end your day. (4) Does not catch on your clothing; no clasp that fails and your chain falls off. (5) It is fun!!

<> Materials, Cost? 14K gold-filled or Argentium dainty chain (average size bracelets range from $45-$95) which you never take off (If you want to remove it, just snip the jump ring with small scissors, remove the jump ring and chain and Save it as we can weld it on again for a nominal fee). These materials do not tarnish. To clean them just wash with soft soap, rinse, and dry with a soft cloth. 

Process? Your selected chain(s) are custom fit to your wrist, ankle, neck. We use a jewelry welder to weld the chain closed using a small 14K gold jump ring to connect and weld the two ends of the chain, which makes it a ‘permanent piece of dainty, airy, jewelry’

<> Please click below to select and make your 15 minute appointment.  Of course, you can also drop by during the appointment window (refer to Calendar).

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