Mermaid Bracelet, Sterling Silver Bangle with handmade "coin chain"

Artisan handmade .925 Sterling Silver Bangle / Chain Bracelet made from sterling silver sheet for the shield / mermaid portion, jump rings were handmade from sterling silver wire and soldered closed. The sterling silver "coin" portion was manually stamped with a hydraulic press and hand finished. The mermaid is hand designed and hand made from copper sheet which was patinaed then colored with Prismacolor wax colored pencils. A spray finish was applied to add some glossyness to the mermaid. Mermaid was riveted to the sterling silver 'shield' portion of the bracelet. The 'shield' portion of this bracelet is slightly cupped so that it fits comfortably on your hand. Unique, limited collectible; only six were made. Colors to pick from: black, reddish purple, sea green, teal & black, dark purple, red. Bracelet length ~ 6 3/4"; 1 11/16" wide; 2 3/4" tall. Weight ~ 1.05 ounces.
  • $215.00