Starry Nights Glass Bead Charm Sterling Silver Bracelet


This beautiful hand-torched original, limited .999 fine silver wire and glass bead charm bracelet was hand-made and cored / lined with .925 sterling silver tubing with hand-stamped sterling silver hand-made bead caps (Kay G, .925). Moretti / CiM soft glass colors: lapis blue, transparent blue, light blue, black, white. .999 fine silver wire was melted on to the molten glass and then encased with molten transparent glass (as evidenced by the silver dots).

Glass bead charm size varies from 16.2mm to 20mm.

The sterling silver 3mm snake chain bracelet has a removable end piece so that you can rearrange the beads or add new beads as you desire. Two Sterling silver and silicone stopper beads keep the beads in place so that the beads don’t slide around on the bracelet.

Length: 7.5:, fits like 6.25”

Four Tierra Cast large hole beads, plus two cat dangle charms (sterling silver plated over pewter; made in the USA).

This is a limited, unique work of wearable art sure to delight the wearer and those who see it. You can remove and add beads and charms to change the look / theme of your bracelet to go with different seasons, different outfits and to coordinate with your daily jewelry.

  • $125.00